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Artwork: 2012 - 2023

Field of Fireflies
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Size: 18" x 36" x 1.5"
Status: SOLD

This painting depicts seven small (near life size) fireflies resting on blades of grass. Its created as mixed media artwork using dried grass, handcrafted/painted fireflies, and custom designed electronics to mimic the glowing of real fireflies :) I designed the electronics to operate on two D size batteries for well over several weeks of continuous use (left on 24/7). There is a light sensor embedded in the grass blades that will detect ambient lighting conditions in the room and automatically turn off the painting during daylight and turn on during evening/night! The painting is best viewed in lower lighting (twilight / evening hours) with a blacklight (available option in listing)! Includes two Alkaline D size batteries!

For a video demo of the painting visit my YouTube video:
Joe Mandrick