Drawing, painting, and handcrafting are passions of mine along with electronic design and programming. It may seem odd to have such divergent passions but they complement each other quite well and provide balance in my life. Painting provides me the tranquility and freedom to create without boundaries. Electronics provides me structure and organization to create something that can interact with the world.

avatarI set aside time for both passions; artwork and electronics, and whenever possible, try to combine both! After working full time for a medical device company in San Jose, CA for 6 years, I decided it was time to put focus on my artwork and start a business (Land and Sky). Since that time I’ve become active in the bay area participating in local 1st Friday and 2nd Saturday events along with yearly Art and Wine festivals. I’m always looking for new venues to sell my work and meet fellow artists. Every day I am refining my technique and finding new and interesting ways to create artwork. I paint in both oil and acrylic mediums with a preference for landscape scenes. Mixed media / 3D art is also becoming a new medium for me! The ocean and forests are often themes in my work with a focus on attempting to capture the "moment" whether it's animals, people, or just nature displaying its wonder.

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If interested in contacting me directly please fill out the information below. I work on commission and would be more than happy to create custom artwork for you! This could be based on photographs, sketches, ideas, colors, previous artwork, etc. Don't hesitate to ask for more info if you have something in mind :)